beaded anklet


Beaded anklets are awesome accessories for enhancing any set of bare ankles. They are adornments embroidered in silver, gold, pendants or small bells. African beaded anklets are suitable for fashion enthusiasts who revel in donning daring ornaments. But where did anklets originate from?


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The origin of anklets

Almost all jewelry decorations can be traced to ancient times. The ankle bracelet in particular, has a very rich and vivacious story. Anklets are believed to have been in existence even before 3100 B.C., a period that very little information is known about. Details about this Predynastic period are only extracted from Sumerian tombs believed to have been of people that lived during the Ancient civilization of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Some artifacts used by Babylonian women have been discovered during excavation of ancient tombs in Egypt. Anklets made from precious metals and rare stones have been found in such tombs. These ornaments were used in prehistoric cultures to set apart people of high social ranks from the ordinary people in the society. Leather anklets denoted slaves, while anklets made from gems and valuable stones were used by women from prosperous backgrounds.

Far away in prehistoric South Asia and parts of India, women also donned anklets. In these regions, ankle bracelets have been in existence for the last 8000 years. In Ancient India, they were used for communication. Wives wore anklets that had charming bells attached to them so that whenever they jingled, the husbands were notified of their presence so that they could change topics in time.

In the eastern regions of Asia, there existed an anklet that had some variations. It was known as the Pattilu, and it is currently referred to as a barefoot anklet. The Pattilu consists of an anklet that extends into a toe ring with several hanging chains.

The meaning of various ankle bracelets today borrows a lot from ancient artifacts discovered in archaeological excavations. When we study what women used to wear in the past, we are able to introduce the desirable features into what we have today. Anklet meanings keep on shifting because of ideologies, but a few about African anklets have managed to stick.


Anklets in the 21st century

With anklets, any outfit is instantly facelifted, in ways better than just putting on rings and bracelets. Many people wonder how to accessorize with anklets, whether they should be worn on a particular ankle and so on.

This post seeks to answer the above questions and explain the meaning of wearing anklets. Don’t be intimidated to try this great accessory because the etiquette around anklets isn’t as complex as it is made to appear.


What does wearing an anklet symbolize?

In the past, anklets were thought of as symbolic elements. Wearing an anklet improperly was frowned upon, because different setups were used to segregate people according to their social classes. Nowadays, most meanings have been abandoned. Instead, women now wear anklets as accessories to enhance their looks.

In a similar way to how engagement rings are worn on a ring finger either on the right or left hand, anklets can be used to signify that one is married. The grooms gift their bride with an anklet of their choice as a symbol of their undying love for them. This tradition is still practiced in cultural weddings around the world.


Which leg to wear an anklet and meaning?

Should you wear an anklet on your left leg or on the right leg? Does it matter which leg you choose to accessorize?

In today’s world, not much attention is given to the leg you choose to wear your anklet on. Still, some ladies put on anklets on their right leg to communicate that they are open to sexual approaches.

Millions of other women wear their anklets depending on their personal choices. Not many people differentiate wearing on the left ankle or the right ankle.

This means that you can wear your anklet whichever way you want!


What does wearing an anklet on your left leg mean?

In some situations, an anklet that consists of little heart charms worn on the left leg can mean that one is open to dating or that they are not so interested in getting into relationships of an intimate kind.

In addition, some women wear special anklets on their left legs to indicate that their interest is getting into intimate relationships with other women.

The different meanings of ankles might be confusing to some people, meaning that they might interpret that you are willing to start an open relationship. You don’t owe anyone an explanation though.


Various types of anklets

Some popular anklet styles include:

Gold anklets are usually accompanied by attractive gemstones and bring a beautiful look when paired with stylish heels and gold embellishments to match.

Silver anklets are a casual style perfect for the outdoors in the summer.


Best way of wearing an anklet

Here are some tips and factors to put into consideration when wearing anklets:

  • Avoid wearing anklets that consists of charming bells as they tend to jingle around when one is walking in places that require minimal amount of noise. Such anklets are not suitable for going to a library or attending a memorial service.
  • If you are going on a vacation, don’t forget to pack all your favorites anklets, including those that have charming bells.
  • To ensure your African beaded anklet doesn’t fall off, fasten it securely to your ankle.
  • Don’t let the size of an anklet deter you from rocking it if you love its style. There is always room for adjustment with any type of anklet.
  • If you want to wear jeans, remember to remove your African beaded anklet to prevent the beads from getting tarnished when they come in contact with the rough material.
  • If you have to wear pantyhose, don’t wear an anklet because it can tear or snag the material.
  • Ensure that your anklet is the suitable size for your ankle. If you wear one that is too tight, the extra pressure can snap it or make your skin irritable.