How to make African Waist Beads


Whatever reason you chose to wear African waist beads, buying finished ones can be costly. It is not, however, a must that you buy them from an outlet. Below is a simple DIY procedure showing you how to make African waist beads. 


What You Need

  • Seed beads
  • Glass beads
  • Semi-precious beads
  • Beading thread
  • Big eye curve needle
  • Bead stopper
  • Wirecutter
  • Beads spinner


Step One-Fill up The Bead Spinner

Start by taking the tacks and fill up the spinner with the seed beads. We advise that you take your time on this part to avoid making a mess. All you need to do is cut the strings holding the beads and carefully separate the different strands. Fill up 85% of the spinner with the beads. Filling it up all the way may cause the beads to start popping out.

Check out the Video Tutorial from @Lovejanelle

Step Two- Cut the Beading Thread

The type of string you use in this process will depend on whether you want the elastic or stiff string. First, tie the rope around your waist to find the perfect measurements. If you're going to use the bead for weight loss purposes, you could have it wrapped at your exact waist. That way, you will gauge your weight loss progress as the beads gradually fall.

When you get the exact measurement of where you want the waist bead to sit, cut the string leaving some extension. The extra length will help you tie the knot after you are done with beading.

Step Three- Attach the Needle and Beads Stopper

After getting the right thread length, separate your curve needle. Then thread your string through the opening and pull it down to the bottom of the curved needle.

Before you begin to tuck your beads in, you can first attach your bead stopper to the other end of the thread. It is a tiny spring that you pull to open, place the cord in one of the openings, and leave it to settle in its original status. The stopper saves time as it keeps the beads that you have run on the string from sneaking out.

Step Four-Load up The Thread

Strategically place your needle down inside the spinner at an angle. You can either rotate the spinner clockwise or anticlockwise while loading up the need. Pull the seeds down to the thread every time the needle is full. It will take you some minutes to find your groove. In the beginning, you may even find four to five beads on the hand. You can add a different type or color of seed beads whenever you like in the thread.

Alternatively, you can manually add the beads to the string without using the spinner. This method gives you more flexibility to be creative with colors and patterns as you like. You can add as much color and ways to avoid the monochromatic look of a single design.

Do the Finishing

The finishing you want will depend on whether you want a removable or a permanent one. The permanent waist beads are simple to finish up as you tie the string's loose ends together around your waist.

For the removable waist beads, you can form a loop by stringing it to a crimp and lobster clasp. First, pass the string on the crimp loop and secure it using a lobster clasp. On the other end, you will need to put a wire ring where you will be clumping the climb every time you want to wear the waist bead.