How to Tie Waist Beads?


Now that we know the various reasons why waist beads are worn, it is good to know how to tie one properly. Go for waist beads that fit you without being too snug as they might constrict you and make you uncomfortable. It is also good to try your beads in a number of positions to make sure that they don’t come off easily when you don’t intend to remove them.

A perfectly tied string of waist beads naturally conforms to your waist or hips and should enhance you figure. So, how do you go ahead tying one correctly?

Step 1: Wrap the strand of beads around yourself

Do a full waist wrap with the strand while adjusting it accordingly using your thumb.

Step 2: Get rid of beads that you don’t need

Pull off the excess beads from the strand by holding them with your finger.

Step 3: Tie up the strand and trim the part of the string that you do not need

Interlace the string and make two or three knots. Ensure that the knots are tied tightly. When you are done, cut off the excess part of the sting. At this point, no one can stop you from rocking your self-made waist beads.