How to Use African Waist Beads for Body Awareness

African waist beads


Traditionally, African Waist beads have been worn for different reasons by women of different tribes in Africa commonly for decoration, beautification, seduction and adornment. 

Nowadays, African waist beads are being used to track and control weight.

Are you obsessed with using a scale and wants a better way to track your weight gains or lose without losing your mind? 

 If your answer is Yes! keep reading... 

Waist Beads are a customary accessory originating from several parts of Africa. African Waist beads are made of small glass blobs arranged on a string and are worn around one’s hips or waist. They are available in various shapes, sizes and colors and are made using a number of decorative charms, stones and crystals.

For centuries, women in a number of cultures in Western and Northern parts of Africa have worn waist beads. They became so popular that in recent years, they found their way to the Western part of the globe. Other terms used to describe waist beads include waistline beads, beaded waist chains and belly beads.

How to use Waist Beads to track Weight Lose?

After you´ve purchased or made waist beads to your liking you should tie the beads above your belly button. When the waist beads get loose and slip down to your hip bones over the course of days you know you have decreased in size and/or lost weight.

Simply complete this process again if you wish to be smaller. Remove the beads and tie them tighter again above your belly button. On the other hand, if you notice the beads rising higher on your body instead of slipping down, this is a sign you are gaining weight and getting bigger.



For weight loss, make sure the string is strong enough to not pop and accommodate your movement, since you´ll be wearing the beads continuously 24/7 throughout your weight loss efforts.


African Waist Beads

Waist beads, is a good way to track body composition change to keep you focused on your wellness journey.

Using waist beads can also help with body awareness, for instance you may notice when eating certain foods you bloat more as the beads become uncomfortable, so you will know to stay away from those foods and focus on other foods that help you debloat. African Waist beads can help you to monitor change in body size and to avoid excess eating if weight loss is a goal. 


Here are some few benefits of using African Waist Beads for weight control.

  • It continually reminds you of your feeding habits.

If you are on diet, temptations can be hard to beat when you see your favorite meal staring you in the eye. Well, with your waist beads on your waist, it can serve as a physical reminder to control your food intake. So if your waist beads get really tight or they start to roll up then you know you're probably bloated. 

When using your waist beads to control your weight, you have to take certain precautions like:


  • Wearing the beads properly

The beads are meant to be around the stomach area and not sitting idly on top of the hips to control weight. No doubts, having the beads a little above the hip looks very attractive, but it won't serve the very intent why you should wear it—which is to lose weight. It becomes imperative to know the position where the beads are to be kept, and they should be kept just there; otherwise, nothing happens.


  • Enjoying the time

Waist beads are meant to be enjoyed, and that's what you should be doing with your beads. You can also work your stomach muscles by having a dance, sitting up, and tightening your waist for up to five minutes before relaxing it. Have the exercise done repeatedly and religiously, and you can modify your body curves. Should the beads stay on you throughout the whole day? Of course not. You can take them off before you sleep.


  • Eating right

Losing weight also does not necessarily mean starving yourself. It only means you should have more control over what you eat—it means you cannot eat everything. Consume healthy foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, and avoid alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, and salty food. When you feel your waist beads are getting tighter, you know what that means already.

There you have it. You can look as great as you have always imagined, staying happy and healthy. Wishing you good luck on your wellness journey.