What Strings are used to Make Waist Beads?

There are a number of materials that can be used as strings for making waist beads. You can choose between options such as cords, ribbons, beading threads, wires, and many more.

The best material for making waist beads is one that is soft on your skin yet strong and tough. Besides, you want something that isn’t too much trouble to work with. It should be a non-sticky material that is resistant to mildew.

A number of materials will work effectively, but you still have to think about the firmness and elasticity you would want from your waist beads.

If you want to work with elastic material, cut a string that’s around 80 to 100 centimeters in length. Also, look for strings that don’t easily lose their color to ensure that your waist beads retain their appeal.

The best strings are made from materials such as Polyurethane, nylon polyester, long fiber hemp, and pure cotton. These materials make strings that are sturdy, non-sticky, light-weight, toxin-free and abrasion-resistant whether they come are elastic or inelastic. Such strings include: Beadnova Bracelet String, Mandala Crafts Cotton Cord and 23 Bees Organic Hemp String.